Anyang Travel Guide


    Anyang is an important industrial city in Henan Province in East China. It has 5 counties (Anyang, Linzhou City, Tangyin, Neihuang and Huaxian) and 4 districts (Wenfeng, Beiguan, Yindu and Long'an). The history of Anyang is more than 3000 years old. The city belongs to the ancient capitals of China. Total population of Anyang nowadays is 5.3 million people.

    Nearest is the airport in Changzi (110km). Other airports nearby are Xinzheng International Airport in capital city Zhengzhou (160km) or Zhengding International Airport in Shijiazhuang. If you choose Changzhi Airport, transportation by bus is the best because the train ride to Changzhi will take allmost 6 hours with arrival in the late evening.

    Anyang - Zhengzhou: 42min - 2h.40min (177km)
    Anyang - Shijiazhuang 58min - 3h11min (235km)
    Anyang - Beijing 2h.20min - 8h.31min (516km)
    Anyang - Tianjin 6h.20min - 11h.19min (610km)
    The fast train from Anyang East to Zhengzhou East takes 42-49 minutes; fare for a soft seat is 80-130 Yuan. The fast train from Anyang East to Shijiazhuang makes a stop at Gaoyi West: fare for a soft seat is 108-173 Yuan. The fast train to Shijiazhuang has as terminal Beijing West. To Beijing is less than 2 and a half hour; fare for a soft seat is 236-378 Yuan.

    - An Cai Hotel: 4star business hotel
    - Anyang Hotel (4star): located in Anyang City
    - Aoma Business Hotel (2.5star)

    Main industries are steel, metallurgy, electronics, chemistry, machine building, textile, pharmaceutical, tobacco Anyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone is near the city. Tianjin Port is the largest container terminal in North China. It can be reached in 7 hours by Expressway.

    - Yinxu Museum: largest archeological site listed by the UNESCO
    - Gaoge Temple
    - Memorial Temple of Yuefei
    - Grand Taihang Mountain Valley

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