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    Baiyin is a large city in Gansu Province in China. It consist of 2 districts (Baiyin, Pingchuan) and 3 counties (Jingyuan, Huining, Jingtai). The population is 1.7 million people.

    Distance to from Baiyin to Zhongchuan Airport in Lanzhou is 70km. From the airport to Lanzhou city centre is 67km. Lanzhou airport has international flights to Japan, Korea, Malayia, Singapore and to 40 Chinese cities. A railway between Lanzhou and the airport should be completed in 2017. The fare of the airportbus to Lanzhou is 30 Yuan; the bus operates every hour till the last flight. A taxi from the airport to Lanzhou cost about 140-175 Yuan.
    - Baiyin - Lanzhou: trains daily: journey takes 1h.39min - 2h.39min (87km)
    - Baiyin - Xining: 5h.27min (315km)
    The fast train from Hohhot to Lanzhou stops in Baiyin West Station. A hard seat cost 13 Yuan.
    The train to Xining takes 5 hours; a hard seat is 47 Yuan.
    Baiyin Bus Station is in Renmin Road in the Baiyin District.

    - Jinyuan Hotel: No.299 Beijing Road, West District
    - Wansheng Hotel: No.8 Wansheng Road, West District
    - Baiyin Hotel: No.269 Hongxing Street, Baiyin District

    Baiyin is a large industrial base of nonferrous metal and an important coal base. Baiyin Economic Development Zone is the main production base of the company Sinobios. Sinobios is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of beer enzymes and alcohol enzymes in China. More business information on offical city website (in Chinese).

    - Yellow River Stone Forest
    - Shoulushan Nature Reserve
    - Faquan Temple

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