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    Baoding is a historical city in Hebei Province in Northeast China. Location is near capital Shijiazhuang and Beijing (140km). Total population of Baoding is 1 million people.

    Baoding has not an airport. Daguocun International (94km) in Shijiazhuang and Beijing Capital International Airport (164km) are the nearest airports.
    The Airport Express connects Beijing Airport with the city centre. From there passengers have to take the metro to Beijing West Station. In Shijiazhuang, the airportbus connect the airport with the city centre. The ride takes about 30-40 minutes and cost 20 Yuan.

    - Baoding - Beijing: 41min - 3h.27min
    - Baoding - Shijiazhuang: 36min - 2h.12min
    - Baoding - Tianjin 3h.22min - 4h.08min (273km)
    The fastest train from Baoding East Station to Beijing West Station (145km) is nonstop and takes 41 minutes. Distance is 139km. Soft seat tickets cost 64-102 Yuan.

    - Hengtong Forture Center Hotel (4star):in Gaokai Business District
    - Huazhong Holiday Hotel (3star): in High-Tech Development Zone
    - Zhong Yin Hotel (4star): close to High Tech Development Zone

    Baoding National Development Zone has 3 separate industrial parks:
    - Central Science Technology Park
    - Western Industrial Park
    - Eastern University City
    Official website is: (Chinese/English)

    - Ancient Lianhua Pond
    - Mancheng Tomb
    - Ancient city of Dingzhou (50km)
    - West Mausoleum of the Qing Emperor

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