Tianjin Cruise port

Tianjin Cruise Port

Tianjin is one of the main cities in China with a large port. The ‘Tianjin International Cruise Home Port’ is 140 km from Beijing downtown and 180 km from Beijing International Airport. Tianjin Cruise Port is in operation since june 2010. Most international cruise ships for Beijing go to this cruise port. The Xingang Port Passenger Terminal was the international cruise port till 2010. Nowadays the Xingang Port handles the domestic cruise boats. If it’s busy then it’s possible that international cruises also dock in Xingang Port. If your cruise is in Tianjin, make sure from which port your ship is sailing.

Beijing – Tianjin Cruise port

Convenient but most expensive is a private taxi from Beijing Airport to Tianjin Cruise Port. The price is around 1500 Yuan. The journey takes 3 hours. Check on the internet for Beijing taxi companies and Beijing tour agencies and email them for their cheapest rates. What is the total price? Are toll and additional fees included? Is it a private taxi or are other passengers also traveling with you?

Also convenient is to travel by shuttle bus from Beijing Airport to Binhai Bus Station in Tianjin. De buses at Beijing Airport are waiting at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The journey takes 3 hours and cost 90 Yuan. At Binhai Bus Station in Tianjin one can take a taxi to Tianjin International Cruise port (34km, 100 Yuan).

High-speed train Beijing – Tianjin
The Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Rail is an advanced high-speed train with a maximum speed of 350 km/hour. The trains have several classes and are very comfortable. The 105 km journey between Beijing South Railway Station and Tianjin Railway Station takes with this train only 30 minutes. Many trains depart daily from Tianjin to Beijing or from Beijing to Tianjin. The majority of these trains are high-speed trains. Most convenient is to take the high-speed train from Beijing South Railway Station to Tanggu Railway Station. There are 8 high-speed trains every day from Beijing to Tanggu Railway Station. A single ticket second class cost 65 Yuan. First class is 79 Yuan. A taxi from Tanggu Railway Station to the cruise port is 33km. A taxi from Beijing Airport to Beijing South Station is 130 Yuan.

Taxi Tianjin cruise port – railway station Tanggu / Tianjin
At Tanggu Railway Station and Tianjin Railway Station are official taxi ranks. An official taxi from Tanggu Station to the cruise port (33km) should be around 100 Yuan. From the cruise port to Tianjin Railway Station (78km) would be around 200 Yuan. Other train stations are Tianjin West Railway Station (83km) and Tianjin South Railway Station (99km). Best is to use only the official taxi’s. Because many taxi drivers speak little English it is good if you write down your destination. If possible printed in Chinese language. Sometimes the taxi driver don’t want to use the meter. Try then to negotiate the best price.

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