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    Changchun is the capital and largest city of Jilin province in northeast China. The urban population is 3.5 million people. Total population in the municipality is allmost 7.5 million.

    Changchun Longjia International Airport has flights to Tokyo, Seoul, Sendai, Vladivostok and to the main cities in China. Distance from the airport to Changchun is 21km. Fare of the airport bus to Changchun centre is 20 Yuan; the journey takes 40 minutes. A taxi is about 100 Yuan.

    Changchun Railway Station is located in the north of the city.
    - Changchun - Jilin City: 40min-6h.38min (137km)
    - Changchun - Harbin: 1h.46min-4h.45min (246km)
    - Changchun - Shenyang: 1h.02min-4h.11min (300km)
    - Changchun - Beijing: 6h.29min-13h.54min (1001km)
    The fast (high-speed) trains to Jilin, Harbin and Shenyang have not only soft seats but also VIP seats. The fast train Changchun to Jilin takes 40 minutes; soft seats cost 32-39 Yuan. From Changchun West to Harbin West takes 58 minutes (distance 240km); soft seats are 110-177 Yuan. From Changchun West to Shenyang North takes 1 hour and two minutes with the G66. Distance is 298km. Soft seats cost 137-219 Yuan. In Changchun is a Light Rail Transit through the city. Total length of the light rail is 32km with 33 stations.

    There are 5 long distance bus stations in Changchun.
    Changchun Central Bus Station is at No.226, Renmin Dajie. Bus journey to Jilin takes 2 hours: fare is 24 Yuan. In the day, several buses to Jilin depart each hour.

    - Shangri-La Hotel Changchun: international deluxe hotel
    - Days Inn Zhuo Zhan Changchun: five-star business hotel
    - Redbuds Hotel: five star hotel near Nanhu Scenic Area
    - Changchun International Conference Center: in city center
    - New Century Grand Hotel: deluxe business hotel near First Automobile Works
    - Passenger Transportation Guesthouse: tourist hotel near train station and bus station

    Changchun Economic & Technological Development Zone (CETDZ) is located between Jingyuetan National Forest Park and the Yitonghe River. There are 1656 registered enterprises in this zone including 179 foreign enterprises (Siemens, Toyota and Johnson). The Zone is 5km from downtown, 2km from the freight railway station and 15km from Changchun airport. The main industries in CETDZ are: spare parts manufacturing, electronics, photo-electricity, food processing, bio-pharmaceuticals and construction materials. Website is (Chinese/English).

    Changchun AutoMotive Economic Trade And Evelopment Zone (CAIDZ)
    Changchun is the largest manufacturing center for automobiles in China. Within the development zone, there is an exhibition center and 5 industrial centers. The famous Chinese car 'Red Flag' is produced in Changchun. There are joint ventures with Audi, Volkswagen, and Toyota. Each year is held the Changchun International Automobile Fair.

    Other economic development zones are:
    - Changchun High Technology Development Zone
    - Changchun Jingyue Pond Tourist And Economic Development Zone
    - Changjiang Road Development Zone for Computer & Technological Merchandises
    Website is (Chinese/English).

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    yatai hotel changchun days hotel changchun
    Yatai Hotel (left) and Days Hotel (right)

    - Jilin Provincial Museum
    - Puppet Emperor's Palace
    - Nongan Ancient Pagoda: 13-storey pagoda
    - Nanhu Park (South Lake Park): largest park in Changchun
    - Jingyuetan National Forest Park: 18km from Changchun
    - Songhua Lake: 24km from Changchun

    The main shopping street (areas) are:
    - Chongqing Road: clothing shops and department stores (Walt-Mart)
    - Guilin Road: departmentstores (Lufthansa Shopping Center) and entertainment
    - Renmin Dajie: large deparment stores
    - Charter Shopping Center: international brands, No.99, Chongqing Lu
    - Hongqi Street: department stores
    - The underground market in front of the railway station

    Changchun host yearly:
    - Changchun International Automobile Fair
    - Changchun Film Festival
    - Changchun Agricultural Fair
    - Education Exhibition
    - Sculpture Exhibition

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