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    Changzhou is a large city on the bank of the Yangtze River in Jiangsu province in China. Location is between Shanghai and Nanjing. Total population of Changzhou is 3.5 million people; the urban population is about 2 million.

    Changzhou Benniu Airport is 15km from the city. Flights to Beijing, Dalian, Harbin, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Kunming. Official website is (in Chinese).

    Changzhou is located on the busy railway line Shanghai - Nanjing.
    Changzhou - Wuxi 14min - 27min (39km)
    Changzhou - Zhenjiang: 18min - 1h.07min (65km)
    Changzhou - Nanjing: 32min - 2h.04min (130km)
    Changzhou - Shanghai: 40min - 3h.21min
    - Changzhou North Station: high-speed trains Beijing - Shanghai
    - Changzhou Railway Station: long distance trains (T,K, D-trains)
    From Changzhou North passengers can travel to Shanghai West and Shanghai Hongqiao. From Changzhou Station trains are leaving to Shanghai, Shanghai South and Shanghai Hongqiao.

    Changzhou Bus Station is located in the Xinfeng Street close to the railway station. Buses to Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hefei leave every 10-60 minutes.

    - Traders Fudu Hotel: 5star and member of Shangri-la Group
    - Changzhou Grand Hotel: 5star hotel in the city center
    - Sunshine International Hotel: 4star hotel in the business district
    - Legend Holiday Hotel: 4star hotel in the financial district

    Changzhou is an industrial city. The main industries are power transmission & transformation equipment manufacturing, engineering machinery and automobile industry. The Changzhou National High-Tech District is divided into 4 parks: Start-up Hi-Tech Park, Industrial Park, Commercial and Residential Park and Tourist Park. Official website is (in Chinese/English and Japanese).

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    Changzhou old city
    picture Chen Yihan

    - Tianning Temple: important Buddhist Temple
    - Tianning Pagoda: 13 stories and a height of 154 meters
    - China Dinosaur Park
    - Tianmu Lake
    - Royal Combs: history of 1500 years
    - Yancheng Remains: history of the Spring & Autumn period

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