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    Chengde is a famous historic city in Hebei Province in Northeast China. The city is a popular tourist destination. Distance to Beijing is 230km. Total population of Chengde is 3.6 million people; the urban population is about 500.000.

    Chengde has a small airport with occasional charter flights. Nearest large airport is Beijing Capital International Airport at 180km.

    Chengde Railway Station is in Wulie Road. Direct trains run to Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Tianjin, Dandong and Jinzhou.
    Chengde - Beijing: 4h.26min - 6h.01min (256km)
    Chengde - Shijiazhuang: 9h.48min (539km)
    It takes 4hours and 26 minutes with the fastest train from Chengde to Beijing (256km). This train make stops in Xinglongxian, Huairou, Tongzhou West and the terminal is Beijing Station. Fare is 40 Yuan for hard seat and 60 Yuan for a soft seat. All three trains from Chengde to Shijiazhuang are night trains with arrivals in the morning; the journey takes 10-15 hours.

    There are several long distance bus stations in Chengde. The main bus station has daily bus services to Beijing. The bus trip takes 3-4 hours; fare is 50 Yuan.

    Chengde Mountain Resort
    Chengde Mountain Resort is the main attraction in Chengde. The Yongzheng and Qianlong emperors used to spend their summer months in this large retreat when the weather in Beijing became too hot. The Mountain Resort was added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1994.

    other attractions
    - Puning Temple
    - Eight Outer Temples
    - Kuixing Pavilion
    - Qingchui Cliff National Park

    - Qian Yang Hotel: facing the Mountain Resort (1km)
    - Shenghua Hotel: adjacent to the long distance bus station
    - Bailou Hotel: in Chengde High-Tech Industry Development Zone

    Chengde New Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone is 5km from the city and 4km from the railway station.

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    Chengde China
    Chengde Mountain Resort
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