IFS mall

ifs chengdu shopping mall

IFS mall Chengdu

IFS is a modern shopping mall in downtown Chengdu which opened in january 2014. The building has lots of luxury fashion stores including international brands as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce Gabana and Valentino. Inside IFS is also a foodplaza with restaurants, a large supermarket, luxury hotel and an ice skating hall. To shopping street Chunxi Road is 300 meter. Opposite the main entrance of IFS is the five star Haiyatt Hotel. Metro station Chunxi Road has an entrance inside IFS.

Prada store & panda

Eyecatcher of the IFS building is the huge panda bear at the wall of the Prada store. The head of the panda can be seen in the sculpture garden on the 7th floor.

ifs chengdu prada store chengdu prada store ifs

Food Plaza and ice rink
Most visitors go to the first two floors. Here is the Food Republic, the ice skating rink and popular spots as the Minzi cafe and Starbucks. In the basement is the supermarket. We liked the foodplaza and its restaurants. To order food you buy an electronic card and put some money upon it. When you order food or a drink in one of the restaurants you pay with the card. Small dishes are available for 10 Yuan or less. The preparation of the (simple) dishes is in open kitchens and is very clean.

ifs ice rink food plaza
The Food Republic is above the ice skating rink.

ifs food republic chengdu

ifs food plaza restaurant
The dishes on the table are examples. This way you know what you’re getting and how much it costs. The cook makes a fresh dish after you have selected the desired dish.