Qingyang Temple

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Entrance of the Qingyang Temple in 2nd section of the First Ring Road (left picture)

Qingyang Gong & Qingyang Temple

The Qingyang Temple is the most important Taoist temple in West-Sichuan. Admission is 10 Yuan. The temple is located in a complex right next to the Cultural Park (Wenhua Park). A wall separates both area’s from each other. In the past the temple complex had several names such as Qingyang Fair, Qingyang Guan and Xuanzhong Guan. When an emperor of the Tang Dynasty could shelter here for a rebellion he financed the temple and build halls and shrines. The emperor declared that the name of the complex should be changed in Qingyang Gong. Afterwards the temple complex had been destroyed. The temple nowadays is a reconstruction of the period from 1667-1671. The Hunyuan Hall (22 meter high, 600m2) was rebuild in the period 1875-1908.

The entrance of Qingyang Temple is in the 2nd section of the First Ring Road. Opposite the Westgate of Baihuatanpark is the entrance of Cultural Park (in Qingyang Central Street). If you walk around the corner of Qingyang Central Street you come in the W. 2nd section of the First Ring Road. Then it’s 1-2 minutes walk to the temple’s entrance. Metro station Tonghuimen (line 2) is on the corner of Qintai Roas. To Culture Park is 600m and to Qingyang Temple is 1.2km. The bus stops closeby the temple. More than 10 buses stop at Qing Yang Gong Station (line 11, 19, 27, 34, 35, 42, 58, 59, 82, 129, 151, 165, 170, 309, 319).

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