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    Chizhou is a main port on the southern banks of the Yangtze Rive in Anhui Province China. It consist of Guichi District and 4 counties (Dongzhi, Shitai and Qingyang). Total population of Chizhou is 1.5 million people.

    Chizhou Jiuhuashan Airport is under construction. Nearby airports are Luogang Airport in Hefei and Lukou International Airport in Nanjing. Buses to these airports can be found on the bus station near the railway station.

    - Chizhou - Wuhu: 2h.00min-2h.51min (135km)
    - Chizhou - Hefei: 5 hours (275km)
    - Chizhou - Nanjing: 5 hours (275km)
    - Chizhou - Shanghai: 7h.07min (560km)
    The train from Chizhou to Hefei makes stops in Tongling, Wuhu and Chaohu (275km, 5 hours). Fastest train from Chizhou to Shanghai is 7 hours travel time; fare soft seat is 123 Yuan. The train makes stops in Tongling, Wuhu, Maanshan, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi and Suzhou.

    - Da Jiuhua Hotel (4star): at Baihe Lake
    - Baisui Hotel (3star): located in downtown Chizhou
    - Julong Hotel (3star): in Jiuhuashan Scenic Area

    Chizhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. Main industries are non-metallic materials, non-ferrous metal, agricultural and deep processing, new energy, modern logistics and tourism. Chizhou Port is a key national port along the Yangtze River. Official website of the zone is (in Chinese/English).

    - Jiuhua Mountain: sacred mountain in the Chinese Buddhism
    - Guniujiang Mountain: national wildlife reserve
    - Shengjin Lake: important wetland natural reserve

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