Huang Jia Grand Hotel

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Huangjia Grand Hotel Chongqing

The hotel is located less than 1 km from Jiefangbei, the center of Chongqing. Jiefangbei is an area with pedestrian zones, banks, hotels, shopping malls and shops. Chongqing is built upon and around hills. The way to Jiefangbei is therefore a bit going down.

Hotel review Huangjia Grand Hotel (august 2009)

We had two standard rooms with twin beds on the 14th floor. The rate for one room was 298 Yuan per night including buffet breakfast for two and broadband internet. What we liked of this hotel was the downtown location. The buffet breakfast was in the Western restaurant on the ground floor and was okay. Chinese hot food with fresh fruit and cakes.

huangjia grand hotel room and furniture

What i didn’t like was the attitude of the staff and the dirty carpet in one of our rooms. The reception asked a deposit of twice the rate of our rooms. Quite unusual. Especially because our room had old furniture. Their credit card facility was not working when we arrived and i had to pay in cash (298 Yuan x 2 rooms x 2 deposit=1200 Yuan). The staf manager guided me personally to the ATM in the shopping center on the ground floor. When we were back in the reception he was pushing to sell tours in Chongqing. He also made attempts the second day. When we checked out he studied carefully the hotel survey if i had written anything. I had not filled out the survey but i am sure he had thrown it away if i had disapproved anything about the hotel staff or him.