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  • Chuzhou
  • Chuzhou is a provincial-level historic city in Anhui Province in China. Distance to Nanjing is 60km and to Shanghai it is 300km. Total population of Chuzhou is 4 million people.

  • airport
  • Chuzhou has not an airport. Nanjing Lukou International Airport and Hefei Luogang Airport are the nearest airport (100km).

  • train
  • Chuzhou South Railway Station is a HSR station of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway.
    - Chuzhou - Nanjing: up to 28 trains daily: journey takes 29min-3h.45min
    - Chuzhou - Shanghai: up to 12 trains daily: journey takes 2h.47min-8h.47min

  • bus
  • The long-distance bus station is located in Tianchang Dong Lu just opposite the railway station.

  • hotels
  • - Chuzhou King House Hotel (4star): close to railway station
    - Super8 Hotel (2star): adjacent to Nanhu Park
    - Guiyuan Holiday Hotel (3star) on the foot of Langya Mountain in Chuzhou

  • business
  • Chuzhhou has developed in an industrial city. A new industrial and touristic city has been set up on the north bank of Chang Jiang River. Major industries in Chuzhou are: home appliance manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals and metallurgy. The water transport is through the Chang Jiang River. The important inland port of Nanjing is 120km from Chuzhou.

  • attractions
  • - Fengyang Ming Ancient Tower
    - Huangfushan National Forest Park
    - Langya Mountain
    - Langya Temple
    - Zuiwong Pavilion
    -South Heavenly Gate

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