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    Dali Old Town

    Dali is a popular tourist destination in Yunnan province. Dali is an Autonomous Prefecture with an area of allmost 30.000km2. Population is about 3 million people. Dali City has a population of 650.000. The new city of Dali is called Xiaguan and includes an economic development zone. The other part is the Old Town which is build hundreds of years ago and much smaller (40.000 people). The old town attracts many tourists with its traditional architecture and minority cultures.

    Buses from Kunming Bus Station bring you to Dali new city (Xiaguan) in about 5 hours for 70 Yuan and 110 Yuan with the express bus. Buses from Lijiang to Dali/Kunming stop outside the Old Town. Cheapest fare to Dali is about 60 Yuan. Express bus is around 100 Yuan.

    Two night trains and one day train (8.54-18.08)from Kunming to Dali railway station in the new city. Fare for the day train is 30 Yuan hardseat and 49 Yuan for a softseat. The fares for the airco nighttrain are: 46/75 Yuan. There are no trains from Chengdu or Lijiang to Dali.

    dali hotels

    The Old Town has many hostels and guesthouses but also some luxury hotels such as the five star Regent Hotel. In Xiaguan you will find the modern hotels. Check the best deals on: Dali hotels.

    Dali Xiaguan, China
    Dali Xiaguan (the modern part of Dali City)
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