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    Dalian is a large coastal city in Northeast China near North Korea. The city is located at Liaodong Peninsula facing the Bohai Sea on one side and the Yellow Sea on the other side. Dalian focuses on industry, trade and tourism. The beaches are famous and attracts lots of tourists from China, Korea and Russia. The urban population is 3.5 million people.


    Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport has flights to Japan, Korea, Taipei and the main cities in China. Distance to the city is 10 km. Fare of the airport bus is 5 Yuan. A taxi is about 20 Yuan. A public bus from the airport to the city is 1 Yuan. Website of the airport is www.dlairport.com (in Chinese/English).

    Dalian attractions

    The large Dalian beaches are a national tourist attraction in China:
    - Jinshatan Beach: 50km from Dalian
    - Xinghai Bay beach and Xinghai Golden Beach: free urban beaches
    - Fujiazhuang Beach
    - Bangchuidao Scenic Area: 9km from Dalian
    - Xiajia Hezi Beach: 16km from Dalian
    - Hotels near Dalian Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort

    Dalian hotels

    - Furama Hotel: (close to ferry))
    - Hilton Dalian (overlooks the harbour)
    - Hotel Hai Zhong Jin (near Russian Street)
    - Ramada Plaza Dalian (near railway station)
    - Dalian Yijia Express Apartment (in Central Business District)
    - Grand Mercure Teda Dalian
    - Shangri-La Hotel (city centre)
    - Hotel Ibis Dalian Sanba (city centre)
    - Kempinski Hotel Dalian (city centre)

    Train to Beijing
    The central railway station is located next to Shengli (Victory) Square in downtown Dalian.
    - Dalian - Shenyang: 1h.30min-6h.07min (378km)
    - Dalian - Harbin: 3h.30min-13h.56min (921km)
    - Dalian - Beijing: 7h.37min-11h.30min (1103km)
    The internet fare of a VIP seat Dalian-Beijing in the highspeed train is about 638 Yuan; first class seats cost online 353 Yuan. A second class soft seat to Beijing is 261 Yuan. Travel time with the highspeed train is about 6 hours. There are two night trains to Beijing (10-12 hours travel time). An online ticket for a softsleeper to Beijing is 388 Yuan.

    Dalian port
    Dalian Port is an important trading port in China. It's ice-free and has deep waters. It is a major bulk cargo transshipment center and has large terminals for crude oil, mineral and grain. Cargos are transported to the Middle East, South Asia, North America and Europe. Dalian Port also has a large Ro-Ro passenger carcenter, distribution center and container terminal. Official website is: www.portdalian.com (only in Chinese)

    ferry boats
    Dalian Harbor Passenger Terminal is at the northern end of Wuwu Lu, in the east of Dalian.
    - Ferry Dalian - Incheon (South Korea)
    Departure is from Dalian Port Station at Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 16.00
    Arrival in Incheon at 10.00
    Tickets must be purchased in advance. Room rates per person: economy 920 Yuan (16-56 people in room), first class 1320 Yuan (4-6 people in room) and VIP 1848 Yuan (2 people in room). (Rates could be a bit higher; maybe these prices are excluding taxes/special offer) Korean ferry website is www.dainferry.co.kr

    - Bohai Train Ferry
    This train ferry connects Dalian with Yantai over the Bohai Sea. Yantai is a large fishing seaport in the province Shandong and a popular tourist destination in the summer. The ferry is 35km from Dalian. Several departures every day. Cheapest fare is 180 Yuan, first class is 680 Yuan. Official website of the train ferry is www.sbtf.com.cn (in Chinese, use Google translate)
    - Ferry Dalian - Tianjin (Tanggu)
    Tanggu port is about 40km from Tianjin. Closeby is Tanggu railway station with trains to Beijing and Tianjin. Website is www.dlpazl.com (in Chinese)

    dalian picture (taken from Wikipedia)
    Dalian city view

    - Dalian's Economic & Technological Development Area was established in 1984. Major industries are petrochemical industry, manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, auto parts and food processing. The Development Zone be reached with the light rail from Central Railway Station.
    - Dalian World Expo Center: www.dl-expo.com
    - Dalian Import & Export Commodity Fair

    - Tianjin Street: lots of International brand special shops
    - Tuanjie Street (north of Shengliqiao): Russian style shops
    - shoppings centers:
    *Dalian Market: in Qingniwaqiao, a main department store of the Dashang Group
    *Victory Plaza: in Qingniwaqiao, 5-star international shopping center
    *Heping Square: large American style shopping mall
    *Friendship Shopping Center: tourist shopping store at Renmin Road
    *Dalian Jinhui Shopping Center: 667 Huanghe Road, Shahekou District
    - International Fashion Festival: big event (1 week in September)
    - Spring Festival Fireworks & Firecrackers Gathering: (in February)
    - International Beer Festival: breweries from Germany, Japan, Russia (in July)
    - Acacia Festival: seven-day festival (from May.25 to May 31)

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