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    Dandong is a large riverside city in Liaoning Province in Northeast China. Location is at the border with North-Korea and close to the Yellow Sea. Total population of Dandong is 2.4 million people. The urban population is about 800.000.

    Dandong Langtou Airport is 19km from the city. Flights to Beijing are daily. Flights to Qingdao, Shanghai-Hongqiao, Shanghai Pudong and Shenzhen are three/two times a week.

    Dandong - Shenyang: 3h.34min - 5h.18min (283km)
    Dandong - Dalian: 12h.08min (599km)
    Dandong - Beijing 14h - 22h (1132km)
    The K28 train from Dandong - Shenyang is the most fast (3 hours 34 minutes); a hard seat cost 42 Yuan. The train makes two stops in Fenghuangcheng and Benxi.
    The train Dandong to Dalian makes 18 stops. It leaves Dandong at 08.24; arrival in Dalian is 20.32.

    The long distance bus station is at 98 Shiwei Lu near the railway station. Buses to Beijing, Shenyang and Tonghua. The express buses are faster than the trains.

    The Port of Dandong is located on the bank of the Yalu River bordering the Yellow Sea and North-Korea. It's an ice-free harbor with shipping lines to more than 70 ports of over 30 countries. There is a fery line between Dandong and Incheon (South Korea). Journey takes 15 hours.

    - Crowne Plaza Dandong (5star): on the banks of the Yulu River
    - Sunny Resort Hotel (4star): located in Dandong commercial center
    - Zhonglian Hotel (4star): along the Yalu River
    - Dandong International Hotel (3star): in the center

    China Dandong Qianyang Economic and Technical Development Zone is located near the city. It covers 144 square kilometers and has a population of 100.000 people. The zone is 15km from Dandong port. Main industries are: foodstuff processing, fine chemical, electronics, machinery, textile, building materials and real estate. Donggang Economic Development Zone is A new zone in development (10 square kilometers).

    - Dagu Mountain and the Phoenix Mountain
    - Taiping Gulf Scenic Spot
    - Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River
    - Wulongbei Hot springs

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