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China Cuisines

The Chinese kitchen can be divided in 8 regional cuisines:

Shandong Cuisine
*Shandong and *Jinan dishes
Jinan dishes: sea cucumber, mushroom, and bamboo shoots Shandong dishes: dishes are crisp and greasy with salty and sweet and sour flavours.

Sichuan Cuisine (Szechwan)
spicy and hot food
well-known dishes: Kung pao chicken and Twice Cooked Pork

Cantonese Cuisine
steaming, stir frying and deep frying
dishes: Dim Sum, Shrimp wonton noodle soup

Fujian Cuisine
seafood, river fish, and shrimp

Jiangsu Cuisine
All dishes have light, mellow and refreshing tastes

Zhejiang Cuisine
vegetables, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and water shield

Anhui Cuisine
wide variety of ingredients