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  • Fuzhou
  • Fuzhou is a major port city in China and the capital city of Fujian Province. It is located close to Taiwan. Urban population is about 2.7 million.

  • airport
  • Fuzhou Changle International Airport has flights to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and cities in China. Distance form the airport to the Fuzhou is about 50 km. Airport shuttle buses and taxis are outside the exit of the domestic arrival hall. Bus departs are every 25 minutes. Fare is 20 Yuan. Taxis to Fuzhou are about 200 Yuan. Official website of the airport is www.xiafz.com.cn (in Chinese).

  • train
  • Fuzhou Rail Station is located north of city center.
    - Fuzhou - Wenzhou: trains daily, journey takes about 1h.40min
    - Fuzhou - Ningbo: trains daily, journey takes 2h.45min - 3h.15min
    - Fuzhou - Shanghai: trains daily, journey takes 5h.40min - 6h.30min
    - Fuzhou - Ningde: 3 trains daily, journey takes 30 minutes

  • port
  • Fuzhou port is an important seaport in China with four port areas. Taiwan is less than 300km away. The Mawei Port (in the Mawei District) is a major container port. Website of the Fuzhou Port Authority is www.fpa.gov.cn It is in Chinese but with the Google toolbar on your computer it can be translated in English.

  • economy
  • Fuzhou is one of the Free Trade Zones in China. The Economic Technical Development Zone (FETDZ) is located in the Mawei District near Fuzhou Port. To the airport is 25km and to Fuzhou downtown 15km.

  • Fuzhou International Exhibition Center
  • Located in the financial center. Address: No.69 Hot Spring Park Road. The five star Empark Grand Hotel is adjoining the exhibition center.

  • shopping
  • Fuzhou is famous for its lacquerware, paper umbrellas and stone carvings.

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