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    Garden City Hotel Chengdu
    The Garden City is in the center of Chengdu. Closeby are the luxury Fraser Suites apartments. The Pizzahut and McDonalds are on the other side of the street. Tianfu Square with the Mao statue is nearby. The shopping steets starts next to the hotel. To the pedestrian area of Chunxi Road is 5-10 minutes walking.

    A standard room with shower and breakfast was 330 Yuan in october 2013. Special deals were 310 Yuan for a suite. However we didn't book this deal. In 2007 and 2009 we were glad to be a guest of Garden City Hotel and stayed one week. In 2013, we only booked one night. We liked the extended Chinese buffet breakfast in 2007/2009. In 2013, the breakfast was disappointing. The hotel rooms were outdated with large stains on the carpet. The walls were dirty. The reception looked like a bunch of scholars, behaved not professional and speaks little English. In the hotel has a guest review of 5.3. We stayed therefore our other nights in Chengdu in the Sichuan Hotel (West Building) and in the Youke Hotel. Both hotels are in the same price range as the Garden City Hotel but have a better quality (guest reviews 7.0-7.5).

    In the past Garden City Hotel had an airport service in one of their comfortable cars/jeeps. I am unsure if this service still exist. At the entrance was allways a doorman but he has disappeared. Opposite the reception is a lounge where you can drink coffee.

    Next to Garden City Hotel is the entrance of Carrefour, a large French department store with a ATM cash machine. Starbucks, an American coffee chain, and the KFC are around the corner (100/200m).

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    Garden City Hotel Chengdu

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    Starbucks, Carrefour and KFC are closeby

Chengdu Garden City Hotel

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