Shamian Island

shamian island Guangzhou

Shamian Island

Its a small sandbank (‘island’) in Guangzhou between the Pearl River and busy traffic roads. In the past Shamian Island was an important port where foreign merchants from Western countries and Japan lived and worked. After 1949 (the proclaiming of the People’s Republic of China) their houses became government offices. Nowadays Shamian Island is an important tourist attraction in Guangzhou. It’s a pleasant area to walk along the colonial buildings and to enjoy views on the river. Most of the island is a pedestrian zone with green, sculptures and terraces. There are also some cafe’s (Starbucks) and hotels.

walking on shamian island shamian-island statue

Guangzhou hotels

The White Swan Hotel opened in 1983 and is one of the most famous hotels in China. Presidents, royalties and many celebrities have stayed in this hotel. The luxury 34-storey hotel is overlooking the river.
– White Swan Hotel
– Guangdong Victory Hotel: older hotel in neoclassic style
– Shamian Island Youth Hostel

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