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  • Hainan Province
  • Hainan consist of large island (Hainan Island) and 200 very small islands in the South China Sea near Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Hainan Island is the largest island in China with 35.000 square kilometers. Population is about 8 million people. Since 1988 it became a province of China. Agricultur and tourism are the main resources. Capital of Hainan is Haikou City. Most tourists on Hainan stay in beach resort Sanya.

  • airports
  • Hainan Island has 2 airports:
    - Haikou Meilan International Airport has flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and the main cities in China. Location is 25km from Haikou. Fare for the shuttle bus to Haikou is 15 Yuan. A taxi is about 50 Yuan. Taxi drivers often do not want to use the meters but want a fixed rate which must be negiotated. Website of the airport is www.mlairport.com

    - Sanya Phoenix International Airport has flights to Seoul, Incheon, Moscow and the main cities in China. The airport is located 15km of Sanya. The HMA airport bus is in front of the airport near the parking lot and cost 10 Yuan. A taxi to the center would be about 30-50 Yuan if the driver use the meter. A taxi to Yalong Bay would be 120 Yuan. Another option is to take first the airport bus to Sanya Bus Station and then a taxi to Yalong Bay, Dadonghai or downtown. Bus No. 8 Bus is driving from the airport to Dadonghai Beach and Yalong Bay. The public bus is 3-5 Yuan and the stop is on the highway directly in front of the airport. Website is www.sanyaairport.com

  • taxi
  • Taxi drivers often don't want to use their meters but ask high prices to bring you to the hotel. If you don't want the hassle, take the airport (public) bus.

  • train
  • - Haikou - Guangzhou: trains daily, journey takes 10h.33min - 11h.51min
    - Haikou - Shanghai: journey takes 33hours

  • Haikou attractions
  • Haikou is the capital and largest city of Hainan island. Population is about 800.000 people. - Tropical Ocean World: oceanic theme park
    - Holiday Beach: sand beaches, swimming and sports
    - Volcano Crater Park: 15km from Haikou in the Shishan Town
    - Hainan Tropical Wildlife Garden: 27km from Haikou

  • Sanya attractions
  • Sanya is the second city on Hainan Island with a population of 500.000 people. The white-sand beaches make it a popular tourism destination. Many Russian tourists come to Sanya.
    - Sanya Bay: bay between airport and city center
    - Dadonghai Bay: famous beach 3km east from Sanya downtown
    - Yalong Bay: 7.5 km crescent-shaped bay of white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. Considered as best beach area. Distance to Sanya is 28km.

    haikou hainan island; free picture wikipedia public domain
    Haikou City (picture Anna Frodesiak)

  • hotels
  • luxury five star hotels near Sanya Bay:
    - Kempinski Resort & Spa Sanya
    - Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay
    - Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort

    luxury five star hotels near Yalong Bay:
    - Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa
    - Crowne Plaza Hotel Sanya
    - Sheraton Sanya Resort
    - Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort
    - Pullman Sanya Yalong Bay Resort & Spa

    luxury 5 star hotels near Dadonghai:
    - Baohong Hotel

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