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Hefei airport, train, hotel, business and attractions

  • Hefei
  • Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province in East China near Nanjing (130km) and Shanghai (404km). The city is an industrial center and an important railway and highway traffic hub. The population is more than 4 million people.

  • airport
  • Hefei Luogang Airport has flights to Seoul and major cities in China. Distance form the airport to the city is 12 km. Public Bus No.11 connects the airport with Hefei railway station. Fare is 1 Yuan. A taxi is about 20 Yuan. Website of the airport is www.hfairport.com (in Chinese).

  • train
  • - Hefei Railway Station: this is the main train station located in Hefei New Railway Station Development Zone.
    - Hefei - Shanghai: up to 12 trains daily: journey takes 3h.17min - 9h.35min
    - Hefei - Nanjing: up to 18 trains daily: journey takes 54min - 4h.41min
    - Hefei - Hangzhou: up to 14 trains daily: journey takes 4h.57min - 7h.42min
    - Hefei - Beijing: up to 4 trains daily: journey takes 9h.27min - 13h.27min

  • bus
  • The long distance bus station at No.168 Mingguang Road is the largest bus station in Hefei. Bus services to major cities as Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing and to other provinces. The Anhui Provincial Tour Bus Station near Hefei Railway Station has bus connections to Mount Huangshan and Mount Jiuhuashan.

  • attractions
  • - Xiaoyaojin Park (Leisure Ford Park): Hefei's largest park
    - Baohe Park: park in the center of the city
    - Huancheng Park: 3.4 sq.km: 8 minor parks/spots inside
    - Mingjiao Temple: walled buddhism temple
    - Anhui Provincial Museum, (no 268, Anqing Lu)

  • business
  • Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone (HETDA) is 9km from Hefei City. The major industries in HETDA are: automobiles, household appliance and electronic products, chemical products, equipment manufacturing and food processing. Famous enterprises as Hitachi Excavator, Unilever and Coca Cola have invested in HETDA. The Paihe River Port is under construction in the south of HETDA. Distance to Luogang Airport is 4km. In the HETDA is also the Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center. Official website is www.hetda.com/english

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    hefei china
    Hefei City (picture of Jps3)

    - Hefei Department Store at 124 Changjiang lu
    - Shangzhidu Department Store at Suzhou lu
    - Foreign Languages Book Store at 29 Yimin jie
    - Hefei Drugstore at 47 Wuhu Road
    - Suguo Supermarket at 62 Shuguang Road
    - Hualian Comprehensive Supermarket at 118 Heping Road

    luxury hotels
    - Hilton Hefei: in Hefei New Railway Station Development Zone
    - Holiday Inn Hefei: 29-story building located in the center of the city
    - Hongrui Jinling Grand Hotel: next to the Anhui International Exhibition Center
    - Howard Johnson Tech Center Plaza Hefei: in Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone
    - Novotel Hefei: near Memorial Temple of Lord Bao

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