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    Hengyang is an industrial city in Hunan Province in South China. It consist of two cities (Changning,Leiyang), five counties and five districts. Location is near the famous Hengshan Mountains. Total population of Hengyang is 7.2 million people. Urban population is 880.000 people.

    Hengyang has not an airport. The nearest airport is Huanghua International Airport in Changsha. With the newest highspeed train, travel time to Guangzhou is yet only 1 hour and 40 minutes.

    Hengyang Railway Station is located in the Zhuhui District of Hengyang City.
    - Hengyang - Changsha: daily trains; journey takes 34min - 2h.55min
    - Hengyang - Guangzhou daily trains; journey takes 1h.36min - 29h.47min
    - Hengyang - Nanchang daily trains; journey takes 5h.39min - 7h.03min
    Between Wuhan and Guangzhou are since December 2009 special highspeed trains running with 350km/hr. The travel time Guangzhou - Hengyang is with these trains much shorter.

    Hengyang Central Bus Station is located in Jiefang Road. Buses to other cities in Huan Province and to other cities outside the province such as Guilin and Shenzhen.

    - Huatian Hotel (4star): on riverside with views of the city
    - Chuang Fu Yancheng Hotel (2.5star): close to Hengyang Railway Staion
    - Nan Yue Telecom Hotel (3star): at the foot of Heng Mountain

    Hengyang Huaxin Development Zone
    Main industries are: beer, steel, raw coal, chemical fertilizer, cigarettes, auto spare parts and transformers.

    - Mount Heng: one of the Five Sacred Mountains in China (distance 45km)

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