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Hohhot airport, train, attractions, hotel and business

    Hohhot is the capital of the Mongolia Autonomous Region in the north of China. It is an important centre with many historic sites. The urban population is about 1.5 million people.

    Hohhot Baita Airport has flights to the main cities in China and to Ulan Bator (Mongolia), Chita (Russia) and Thailand. Distance form the airport to the city is 14km. Fare for the airport bus is 5 Yuan. A taxi is about 30Yuan. Website of the airport is nmgmh.com (in Chinese).

    Trains within Inner Mongolia, Ulan Bator and Moscow.
    - Hohhot - Baotou: 22 trains daily, journey takes 1h.48min-3h.37min
    - Hohhot - Datong: 20 trains daily, journey takes 4h.05min-7h.12min
    - Hohhot - Beijing: 17 trains daily, journey takes 9h.55min-11h.52min
    - Hohhot - Taiyuan: 2 trains daily, journey takes 10h.30min
    - Hohhot - Lanzhou: 2 trains daily, journey takes 19 hours

    - Hohhot Long Distance Bus Station (at Chezhan Xijie)
    - Hohhot Long Distance South Station (at Shiyangqiao Xilu)
    From both stations leave buses to Beijing, Dongshen, Taiyuan and cities within Inner Mongolia.

    - Temple of the Five Pagodas
    - Da Zhao Temple
    - Inner Mongolian Museum
    - The Grasslands (Xilamuren, Gegentala, Huitengxile)
    - Tomb of Wang Zhaojun
    - Xilituzhao Palace: largest Lama temple complex

    - Shangri-La Hotel Hohhot: in the center
    - The Inner Mongolia Hotel: five-star hotel
    - Phoenix Hotel: Invested and owned by Air China
    - Holiday Inn Hohhot: at busy Zhongshan Road
    - Inner Mongolia Jinjiang International Hotel: next to provincial library and stadium

    Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone is located in the Jinchuan District and Ruyi District. Foreign enterprises as Volkswagen and Tetra Pak have invested in the zone. It is 5 km from Hohhot Railway Station and 20 km from the airport. Website is www.hhjcq.gov.cn (in Chinese)

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    hotel in Hohhot China
    Inner Mongolia Hotel in Hohhot

    - Parkson located (No.212 Zhongshan West Road)
    - Weiduoli Department Store (Zhongshan West Road)
    - Inner Mongolian Nationality Department Store (Zhongshan West Road)
    - Minorities Department Store (Hongshan Xilu / Zhongshan Lu)
    - Foreign Languages Bookstore (Zhongshan lu / Wenhuagong jie)

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