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  • Hong Kong Airport Express
  • The Hong Kong Airport Express is an easy and fast transportation to Hong Kong downtown. From the airport to Central District it takes 24 minutes. Every hour, five trains depart from the airport to Hong Kong Central/Kowloon. First train to the city leaves at 05.50; the latest train leaves at 00.48 (May 2010).

  • tickets & fares
  • There are several types of tickets: Single, Return, Round Trip (30 days valid) and the Airport Express Travel Pass.
    The Airport Express Travel Pass includes Airport Express journey(s) and 3 days of unlimited travel on the metro lines in Hong Kong. The card has a HK$50 refundable deposit and cost HK$220 (1 journey with the Airport Express) or HK$300 (2 journey's with the Airport Express). In 2009, we changed money at the airport in the early morning (staffed desk) and bought the Airport Express of HK$220. The train was allmost empty and 30 minutes later we arrived in Kowloon where we took a taxi to our hotel.

    hong kong train
    Hong Kong Airport Express

    hong kong airport
    Hong Kong Airport; to the trains (Juli 2009)

Hong Kong Airport Express

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