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    Huangshan City
    Huangshan City is located on the bank of the Yangtze River in Anhui Province China. The city is centered around the famous Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain). Hungshan City includes 3 districts (Tunxi, Huangshan, Huizhou) and 4 counties (Shexian, Xiuning, Yixian, Qimen). Total population of Huangshan City is 1.5 million people.

    Mount Huangshan
    The mountain is an key attraction in China with lots of visitors. There are many scenic area's with peaks, pine trees, pools and hot springs. Mount Huangshan is listed as World Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1990. Admission to the mountain is 150/230 Yuan. There are are 3 cable cars: fare is 65/80 Yuan each. Visitors can stay overnight in one of the hotels or guesthouses on the mountain.

    Huangshan Tunxi Airport is located in the Tunxi District 5km from the city center. Flights to many cities within China. Distance to Mount Huang is 79km. Buses to the mountain leave not from the airport directly but from the main bus station in the city center.

    The railway station is in Qianyuan Bei Lu in Tunxi District.
    - Huangshan - Wuhu: trains daily: journey takes 2h.11min-3h.05min (135km)
    - Huangshan - Hefei: journey takes 7h.12min - 8h.07min (387km)
    - Huangshan - Shanghai: night train: journey takes 12h.21min - 14h.24min (672km)

    Huangshan City Bus Station is in the city center near the railway station. It takes about one hour to travel from the city bus station to the bus station at the foot of Mountain Huangshan. Fare is 15/18 Yuan.
    Also from Hangzhou and Shanghai are express bus services to Huangshan.

    - Best Western Huangshan Resort & Spa: located in the heart of Mountain Huangshan
    - Haizhou Hotel (3star): located at the south entrance of Yellow Mountain
    - Baiyun Hotel: in Mount Huang Heaven Sea Scenic Area
    - Ramada Huangshan Hotel: inside Huangshan hot spring scenic area
    - Xihai Hotel: located on the foot of Danxia Peak
    - Paiyunlou Hotel: located on the foot of the Dan Xia Apex
    - Tiantong Grand Hotel: in the hot spring resort by Ziyun Feng and Taohua River

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    Mount Huangshan in China
    Mount Huangshan
    (picture from Immanuel Giel)

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