Jiamusi Travel Guide

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  • Jiamusi
  • Jiamusi is a large city near the Songhua River in Heilongjiang Province. Location is in the Northeast of China bordering Russia. It includes 4 districts (Qianjin, Xiangyang, Dongfeng, Jiao); 4 counties (Huanan, Huachuan, Tangyuan, Fuyuan) and 2 county-level cities (Tongjiang, Fujin). Total population is about 2.5 million people.

  • airport
  • The airport of Jiamusi is 9km from the city and has flights to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Harbin Taiping International Airport is about 500km away (6-7 hours by train).

  • train
  • - Jiamusi - Harbin: trains daily: journey takes 6h09min - 14h54min (507km)
    - Jiamusi - Hegang: trains daily: journey takes 1h31min - 1h51min (68km)

  • bus
  • Long distance bus station is at No.146, Zhanqian Lu in the Qianjin District.

  • business
  • Main industries are: food, machinery, papermaking, building materials and chemicals. Fuyuan Port is an important deepwater port on the Heilong River near Jiamusi. It links Jiamusi with the Pacific Ocean and many other cities including Harbin and Khabarovsk (65km), a large city in Russia's Far East.

  • hotels
  • - Jiangtian Hotel: No.1 Zhongshan Street
    - Jiamusi University International Hotel
    - Xilong Hotel: No.1238 Guangfu Road, Xiangyang District
    - Xinjiyuan Hotel Jiamusi: 655 Chang'An Road

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    China Jiamusi hotel
    Xinjiyuan Hotel Jiamusi

  • attractions
  • - Jiamusi Ice and Snow Amusement Park
    - Honghe Nature Reserve
    - Wusu Town
    - Sanjiang Nature Reserve
    - Wofoshan Skiing Resort

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