Rize Valley

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Rize Valley Jiuzhaigou

The second day in Jiuzhaigou we visited the Rize Valley. The end of the valley is Primeval Forest. The scenery in the Rize Valley was more spectacular than in the Zechawa Valley. The Pearl Shoal Waterfall is a famous attraction with their width of 163 meter. We especially enjoyed our hike along the Panda Lake, Five Flower Lake and Golden Bell Lake. The wooden path was made just above the streaming water and green vegetation was around us. Unfortunately we had to little time to see everything because our tour group was leaving Jiuzhaigou park at 15.00.

Arrow Bamboo Lake

jiuzhaiguo rize valley arrow bamboo lake
The lake is at an altitude of 2618 meter.

jiuzhaigou rize valley lake

Panda Lake

panda lake rize valley
Panda Lake lake got its name because panda bears are around this lake. The average depth is 14 meters. The water level of the lake shows wide differences because of karst funnels which are connected with an underwater river. The difference of the water level in high water season and low water season can be 5 meter. Groups of carp-like fishes are also gathering in the lake. In Jiuzhaigou are about 110 lakes.