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    Kaifeng is a famous historic and cultural city in Henan Province. It is one of the seven ancient capital cities of China. Nearby (10km) is the Yangtze River. Population is 4 million people; the urban population is about 800.000.

    Kaifeng has no airport. Nearest airport is in capital Zhengzhou (55km). Shortest way from Zhengzhou Airport to Kaifeng is to buy a ticket for one of the minibuses at the airport (100 Yuan/55km). Other way is to travel first with the airport shuttle bus to Zhengzhou City (10 Yuan/30km) and then with another bus to Kaifeng (15 Yuan/70km).

    Kaifeng Railway Station is located at southern section of Zhongshan Street.
    - Kaifeng - Zhengzhou: trains daily: journey takes 28min - 1h.18min
    - Kaifeng - Luoyang: trains daily: journey takes 2h.19min - 3h.40min
    - Kaifeng - Xian: trains daily: journey takes 6h.42min - 10h.01min
    - Kaifeng - Beijing: trains daily: journey takes 12h.00min - 12h.27min

    - Bus to Kaifeng from Zhengzhou East Long Distance Bus Station cost 15 Yuan.
    - Kaifeng Bus Station is located near the railway station at No. 353, southern section of Zhongshan Street.

    - Dragon Pavilion
    - Millennium City Park
    - Xiangguo Temple
    - Shanshangan Guild Hall
    - Iron Pagoda: oldest landmark in the city (build in 1049)
    - Memorial Temple of Lord Bao
    - Kaifeng Museum

    Kaifeng Economic & Technological Development Zone is a provincial development zone established in 1992. Website is http://henan.ccpit.org/baixianzhaoshang/kaifeng/kaifengkaifaqu/indexe.html

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    Kaifeng hotel China
    New Century Grand Hotel Kaifeng

    - Zhongzhou International Hotel: 5 star courtyard hot spring hotel
    - Kaifeng Hotel: 3 star accommodation 500m from Daxiangguo Temple
    - JinYuan KaiYue Hotel: located near Memorial Temple of Lord Bao
    - New Century Grand Hotel: 5 star hotel at Kai Feng economy and technology development zone

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