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    Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region and one of the highest cities in the world. It has an elevation of about 3600 metres and is surrounded by mountains. It has many historic sites to visit. Population of Lhasa is about 1.1 million people.

    Lhasa Gongga Airport is located in Gongga County. The bus ride from the airport to Lhasa city is one hour.
    - oneway from Chengdu economy 1500 Yuan, 2 hours
    - oneway from Beijing economy 2430 Yuan, 6.5 hours
    - oneway from Shanghai - economy 2760 Yuan, 5 hours (Pudong)

    train to Tibet
    Since summer 2006, there is a direct train connection to Lhasa. The train is quite luxurious with restaurant, showers, satellite TV, oxygen and shows. A soft-sleeper from Beijing West Station to Lhasa would be around 1080 Yuan. A hard-sleeper is 650-700 Yuan. Cheapest ticket is the hard seat with 390 Yuan. The distance between Beijing to Lhasa is 4064 kilometer (44 hours).

    Tibet travel permit
    To enter Tibet, you need a Tibet Travel Permit (TTB). Only travel agencies can apply for a TTB. This will take usually 1-3 days. If you want to travel overland by bus/jeep, the application can take up to 10 days. It's not possible to buy just a train ticket; you have to buy a trip (transport+accommodation+guide). If you want to travel outside Lhasa you need additional permits. It seems that individuals now also can apply and that a group (2> persons) is no longer required.

    bus Kathmandu-Lhasa
    If you plan to come through Nepal to Tibet you must apply for your Chinese visa in Kathmandu. A Chinese visa issued in your own country would be not valid then.

    Qinghai - lhasa overland
    1) Train to Xining
    2) Train to Golmud
    3) In Golmud with the long-distance bus to Lhasa
    Departures are every day. The bus ride takes 30 hours and the fare is between 150 - 210 yuan for a hard seat or sleeper.

    other overland routes
    - Sichuan-Tibet Highway from Chengdu to Lhasa
    - Yunnan-Tibet Highway (through Lijiang and Zhongdian/Shangri-La)
    - Xinjiang-Tibet Highway from Yecheng to Lhasa

    luxury hotels Lhasa
    - Four Points By Sheraton Lhasa Hotel
    - Jardin Secret Hotel
    - Brahmaputra Grand Hotel
    - Tibet Minzu Hotel
    - Lhasa Hotel
    - Xin Ding Hotel

    cheap hotels Lhasa
    - Dongcuo International Youth Hostel
    - Lhasa International Youth Hostel
    - Eagle Land Guest House
    - Tibet Permit Hotel

    lhasa Tibet China
    NASA satellite picture of Lhasa

    - Barkhor Street: the oldest street in Lhasa
    - Jokhang Temple: most important temple in Tibet
    - Potala Palace: the seat of Dalai Lamas in Tibet
    - Drepung Monastery
    - Norbulingka (the Summer Palace)

    restaurants & bars
    - Dunya Restaurant and Bar:Beijing Dong Lů 100, Western food
    - Mayke Ame: Tibet cuisine, Bajiao Jie Dongnán Jiao
    - Alu Cang Restaurant: Tibet cuisine, Duosengé Lů 21-32
    - Crazy Yak Saloon: Beijing Dong Lu
    - Beimei Fast Food (hamburgers,hot dogs): Beijing Dong Lu
    - Hard Yak Cafe in Lhasa Hotel: Western food
    - Snowlands Restaurant (Snowlands Hotel): Nepal food,pizza)
    - Barkhor Cafe
    - Guainiu Tibetan Restaurant: famous tibetan style restaurant

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