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Bus Lijiang – Kunming

In August 2007, we traveled from Lijiang to Kunming by express bus. The bus Lijiang – Kunming stopped halfway at Dali West Gate where some passengers left our bus. We had taken the bus of 7.30 in Lijiang to enjoy the scenery along the way and to arrive in time in Kunming. Our bus was a modern bordeaux red double-decker bus.

The bus fare was 196 Yuan. Cheapest fare was 175 Yuan. The more expensive tickets have bigger and adjustable chairs. The airplane fare Lijiang- Kunming was around 800 Yuan incl. creditcard fee. The chairs in the bus were very comfortable. A hot breakfast with the other passengers of the bus in a restaurant along the road was included.(breakfast at 10.40). This was also the only stop in that journey. The toilet in the bus was closed and could not be used.

Bus station
We departed from the Express Bus Station in Lijiang opposite the Sightseeing Hotel. I guess there are more bus stations with buses to Kunming. Other travel offices will sell perhaps tickets from other bus companies departing from other bus stations. Our travel agency (the one in the street near the famous waterwheel) gave us a card with our bus station.

Our ride from Lijiang took 8.5 hours (7.30 – 16.00). Distance is about 500km. The way from Lijiang to Dali is through urban area. Because of the smaller road with slowly traffic, this part of the journey took allready 4 hours. From Dali to Kunming is entirely by (desolated) highway and this part (350km) took also 4 hours.

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Wangu pagoda
Black Dragon Pool
Tiger Leaping Gorge
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