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    Linyi is the largest prefecture-level city in Shandong Province in East China. It is ancient city with long history facing the Yellow Sea. Linyi is divided in 9 counties (Linshu, Yinan, Tancheng, Cangshan, Junan, Yishui, Pngyi, Feixian and Mengyin) and 3 districts (Lanshan, Luozhuang and Hedong). Total population of Linyi is 10 million people.

    Linyi airport is the largest is South Shandong and is located in Hedong District. Distance to downtown Linyi (Lanshan District) is 7km. Flights to more than 20 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yantai, Hangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen and Xian.

    - Linyi - Jinan: daily trains; journey takes 4h.10min - 4h.41min (340km)
    - Linyi - Yantai daily trains; journey takes 7h.23 - 12h.15min (430km)
    - Linyi - Beijing night train; journey takes 10h.44min (835km)

    - Ronghua Hotel (4star): in the city center
    - Luban Yizhou Hotel (4star): opened in 2007
    - Taoranju Hotel (4star): near the railway station

    Linyi is one of the most important wholesale markets in China. Main industries are: light industry, textile, foodstuffs, machine building, electronics, chemical,handcrafts, medicine, gold, porcelain and new materials. Linyi New and High-Tech Development Industrial Zone is divided into 6 industrial parks. The harbors Rizhao, Lanshan and Lianyungang are nearby Linyi.

    - The Mengshan Mountains
    - Lying Dragon Lake
    - Yinqueshan Museum of Bamboo Slips

    Shandong Linyi China
    Shandong Province (red) with Linyi City (green)

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