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    Luzhou is a city in Sichuan Province and wellknown in China for it's alcoholic beverages. The city includes 3 districts (Jiangyang, Naxi, Longmatan) and 4 counties (Luxian, Hejiang, Xuyong, Gulin). Total population of Luzhou is 4.8 million people; urban population is about 1.5 million

    Luzhou Airport is 8km of Luzhou City. Direct flights to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming and Guiyang. Distance to the larger airport of Chengdu is 232km.

    Train connections to other main cities are poor. No train from Chengdu or Chongqing to Luzhou.

    Luzhou has several bus stations with connections to all main cities in Sichuan. Xinnanmen Bus Station and Wuguiqiao Bus Station in Chengdu have buses to Luzhou. Travel time is 4 hours, fare is 80 Yuan.

    - Eton Hotel: in the city center near Dashanpeng Tianyi Square
    - Jiucheng Hotel: garden hotel in the city center
    - Nanyuan Hotel: near the Yangzte River overlooking Luzhou airport

    Major industries in Luzhou are liquor manufacturing, chemicals, machinery and energy. Luzhou has the largest river port in Sichuan with a conntainer terminal and crude oil terminal. The airport is the second largest after Chengdu Airport. Distance to Chongqing is 177km, to Chengdu 263km.

    - Bao’en Pagoda: in downtown Luzhou
    - Dragon Head Bridge: national culture relic
    - Ancient Town of Yaoba: old town with historical culture and folk customs
    - Spring and Autumn Temple: in Xuyong county
    - Fobao Scenic Spot: forest resort located in Hejiang County
    - Fangshan Mountain and Yuchanshan Mountain

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