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    Nantong is a large city in Jiangsu province in China. The city is situated on the north bank of the lower Yangtze River near the East China Sea. Suzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai are nearby. Population in the whole municipality is 7.8 million; urban population is about 800.000 people.

    The airport is located in Xingdong County, Tongzhou City, 18km from Nantong. It is a small single runway airport. Daily flights once a day to Beijing and Guangzhou; to Chengdu, Shenzhen, Tianjin several flights per week. Other nearest airports in Nanjing and Shanghai.

    - Nantong long distance bus station is at No.350, West Rinmin Road near the railway station. Hundreds of buses every day go to cities within and outside Jiangsu Province (Shanghai, Beijing, Liaoning, Shandong).
    - From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Nantong: take airport bus line no.5 to Shanghai Bus Station. From there take the long distance bus to Nantong. Trip from Pudong Airport to Nantong takes about 3 hours.

    Nantong Railway Station is located North of Town, in Gangzha District
    - Nantong - Suzhou: no train
    - Nantong - Shanghai: no train
    - Nantong - Nanjing: 3 trains daily: journey takes 3h.47min - 4h.20 (284km) From Nanjing to Shanghai are 90 trains daily. A journey with one of the highspeed trains Nanjing - Shanghai take 2h.06minutes - 2h.36minutes

    Nantong attractions
    - Nantong Museum
    - Taofen Memorial Park
    - Shenshou Art Museum
    - Zhaodan Pavilion
    - Geyi Art Center

    The state-vel Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone consist of 11 development areas of different levels and varieties. Many foreign enterprises (such as Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Swiss Syngenta, American Cargill and Dow Chemical) have invested in Nantong.
    - Names of all the development zones:
    - Website Economic Technological Development Zone:
    The port of Nantong has international container lines to Hongkong, Japan and South Korea.

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    Nantong China
    Nantong City
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    - Nantong Youfei Hotel: 5 star accommodation
    - California Vogue Hotel Resorts: service apartment style hotel in center
    - Pengxin Garden Guobin Hotel: garden villa style hotel near Langshan Scenic Area
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