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    Nanyang is one of the largest prefecture-level cities in China with a long history. The city consist of 2 districts (Wolong and Wancheng) and 10 counties. Total population of Nanyang is more than 10 million people. The urban population is 800.000. Location is in Henan Province in China’s Central Plains.

    The airport is near the city. Flights to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.

    - Nanyang - Zhengzhou: daily trains; journey takes 4h.33min - 6h.58min
    - Nanyang - Luoyang: daily trains; journey takes 3h.06min - 4h.15min
    - Nanyang - Shanghai night train; journey takes 19h.36min

    - Nanyang Hotel: No.183 Qiyi Road, Wolong District (good reviews on Tripadvisor)
    - Oriental Hyat Hotel (5star): in the technology industrial development zone
    - Yindu Jianguo Hotel (4star): in downtown Nanyang
    - Jingda Hotel (3star): 2km from the railway station
    - Lidu Garden Hotel: Western style hotel

    Main industries are machinery, electronics, petrochemicals, textiles, pharmaceuticals, food-processing and building materials.
    More information on: (in Chinese)

    - Baotianman Natural Reserve Area: Dinosaur egg fossils; listed by the UNESCO
    - Du Shan Park

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