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    Quanzhou is a large port city in Fujian Province in China. It's located close to the wellknown port city Xiamen and administers 4 districts, 3 county-level cities (Shishi city, Jinjiang City, Nan'an City) and 5 counties. Total population of Quanzhou is allmost 8 million people.

    Jinjiang Airport is located in Jinjiang City, 12km from Quanzhou. Flights to the main cities in China including Hong Kong. Airport bus is 1-2 Yuan. Taxi to Quanzhou is about 40 Yuan. Larger airports with more flights are nearby in Fuzhou and Xiamen.

    - Quanzhou - Fuzhou: daily trains; journey takes 59min - 1h.10min (172km)
    - Quanzhou - Xiamen: daily trains; journey takes 38min - 49min (102km)

    The main bus station in Quanzhou is the New Passenger Transport Station at No.186, South Wenling Road. Buses to other cities within Fujian Province and to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Qingdao.

    - Quanzhou Hotel (5star): in the heart of the city
    - Xiamen Airlines Quanzhou Hotel (4star)
    - Royal Prince Hotel: in Quanzhou Economy Zone
    - Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel

    Quanzhou Export Processing Zone is located in Jinjiang City. Main industries are electronics, biopharmaceuticals, warehousing, logistics and precise machinery. Distance to the airport and seaport in Quanzhou is 15km. Official website of the zone is www.qzepz.com (in Chinese)

    - Kaiyuan Temple: largest Buddhist temple in Fujian Province
    - Qingjing Mosque
    - Tianhou Palace
    - Luoyang Bridge: famous ancient bridge in China

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    Quanzhou China
    view at Quanzhou City from Mount Qingyuan
    (picture from Takamaxa)

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