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    Shantou is a large city in Guangdong Province situated on the coast between Guangzhou and Xiamen. The city is an economic center and home to a large number of Chinese people who work abroad worldwide. Total population of Shantou is about 5 million people.

    Shantou Waisha Airport is located in Waisha Town of Shantou City. The airport has flights to Bangkok and the main cities in China. Distance to the city is 13 km. Fare of the airport shuttle bus is 10 Yuan. A taxi is about 30 Yuan excluding toll.
    The new Jieyang Chaoshan airport will be completed in 2011. Guangdong Airport Management Corporation is a state-run enterprise for the airports: Guangzhou Baiyun, Shantou, Zhanjiang, and Meixian. Official website is (Chinese/English)

    Shantou railway station is located in the eastern part of the city.
    - Shantou - Guangzhou: 2 trains daily: journey takes 7h.13min-8h.14min
    - Shantou - Shenzhen: 1 train daily: journey takes 7h.46min

    There are 6 long distance bus stations in Shantou. The bus station near the railway station seems to be the most important one. From this bus station depart lots of city buses and buses to other cities and provinces. Direct coaches to Guangzhou and Shenzhen are every one hour. Journey to Guangzhou takes 5.5 hours.

    There are several ports in Shantou with ferry terminals: Shantou Port, Xidi Port, Laiwu Port, Guangchang Ferry Station and Changshanwei Port. Shantou Port is the most important one with ferries to Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin.
    Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co.: (page 2 ferry HK - Shantou)

    - Golden Gulf Hotel: 5-star hotel on the seaside of Shantou
    - Meritus Shantou: deluxe hotel with central location
    - Regency Hotel: 5-star hotel on bustling East Jinsha Road
    - Overseas Chinese Hotel: in Shantou Special Economic Zone

    Shanto is one of China's five special economic zones. Major industries are plastic products, textiles, electric power, heat power, machinery and chemicals. Shantou Free Trade Zone: website is (Chinese/English).
    The Shantou Lim Por Yen International Convention & Exhibition Center is the Golden Gulf Hotel. Distance to the airport is 12km
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    Golden Gulf Hotel in Shantou

    - Nan Ao Island: beaches, National Forest Park with Huanghua Mountain
    - Que Shi Island
    - Lotus Peak
    - Zong Xin beach

    - Main shopping streets: Changping Road, Jin Hua Road, Li An Road, Bo Ai Road
    - Wal-Mart: behind the Golden Gulf Hotel on ChangPing Road
    - Lotus Supermarket: ChangPing Road

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