Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill Suzhou
Tiger Hill advertise itself as the number one attraction in Suzhou. A Legend tells that on the third day after the burial of a king, a white tiger appeared to guard the tomb. According historic calligraphy carved into rocks on the hill, Tiger Hill must have been a tourist destination for hundreds of years.

Tiger Hill is outside the city center. In the neigbourhood is the famous Lingering Garden.

statue in Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill includes a small hill with on top a leaning pagoda of 48m high. (like the Tower of Pisa). The pagoda can not be climbed. On the hills are also rocks and stones with calligraphy and a nice bonsai garden. Little stalls with cool drinks and icecream are inside the park. In front of the main entrance it is possible to make a 45 minutes round trip canal cruise.

bonsai trees in the garden

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