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  • Taiyuan
  • Taiyuan is the capital city of Shanxi Province. In the past it was an ancient capital and an important military town. Nowadays Taiyuan is an city with heavy industries. Distance to Beijing is 500km. The population is about 3.5 million people.

  • airport
  • Taiyuan Wusu International Airport has flights to major cities in China. International flights to the US, Europe and Singapore make a stopover in Beijing or Guangzhou. The airport is 16km away from Taiyuan city. Fare for the airport bus is 10 Yuan. A taxi is about 50 Yuan.

  • train
  • Taiyuan Railway Station is located at the eastern end of Yingze Dajie.
    - Taiyuan - Shijiazhuang: trains daily, journey takes 1h.08min - 6h.11min
    - Taiyuan - Beijing: trains daily, journey takes 3h.08min - 13h.23min
    - Taiyuan - Datong: trains daily, journey takes 5h.15min - 06h.34min
    - Taiyuan - Xian: trains daily, journey takes 9h.56min - 12h.09min

  • bus
  • Long distance bus stations in Taiyuan:
    - Provincial Coach Station: near train station (buses to Beijing (120Y), Shijiazhuang )
    - East Coach Station: buses to Beijing
    - West Coach Station: buses to Beijing
    - Jiannan Coach Station: in Jianshe Road (buses within and outside Shanxi)
    - Yingbin Coach Station: in Yingbin Road (buses outside Shanxi)

  • attractions
  • - Chongshan Monastery: ancient sutra's, fresco's, statues of Bodhisattvas
    - Jinci Temple: temple, pavilions and bridges (25km from Taiyuan)
    - Mount Wutai: sacred Buddhist mountain
    - Twin Pagoda Temple
    - Tianlong Grottoes: hundreds of sculptures and carvings (40km from Taiyuan)
    - Shanxi Museum: provincial museum
    - China coal museum
    - Yingze Park: biggest, integrated park in central Taiyuan

  • hotels
  • - World Trade Hotel: five-star hotel in the heart of Taiyuan
    - Jinlin Hotel: adjacent to the train station
    - Traffic Hotel: at Wuyi Square, near long-distance bus station
    - Shanxi Jiaotong Hotel: near the High-Tech Zone and Walt-mart
    - Home Inn: Adjacent to the railway station

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    Taiyuan China
    Taiyuan food street
    (picture Gomeying)

    - Taiyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone (TETDZ)
    Major industries: electronics product manufacturing, bio-pharmaceuticals, coal-based chemicals, high-tech farming, food and beverage processing industry. The TETDZ is only 2 kilometers away from Taiyuan Airport.
    - Taiyuan High- tech Industry Development Zone
    - Taiyuan Non- public Economic Development Zone
    More information at www.taiyuan.gov.cn (Chinese/English)
Taiyuan China
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