Taxi China

Taxi China

To get an idea of the fares in China. The taxi start fare in Beijing and Shanghai is 13 Yuan for the first 3 kilometer. In Chengdu the taxi rate is 8-12 Yuan for the first 2 kms. The fare also depends on the car model. A small car is cheaper than a large model.

Taxi Beijing

Taxi start rate in Beijing for the first 3 kms is 13 Yuan. Per additional kilometer 2.3 Yuan will be added. At night the taxi fare is 20% higher. The reservation fee for a taxi is 6 yuan. If you make a longer journey (15kms) out of the city centre, the taxi driver can ask a surcharge of 50% because the has to travel back without passengers.

Taxi Beijing Airport
A taxi ride from Beijing Airport to downtown Beijing should cost you between 100 and 125 Yuan. The exact price depends how far away is your hotel from the airport. Because many taxi drivers speak little English, it’s a good help to show the taxi driver a map with the location of the hotel (printed from the internet). It can be busy on the road to the airport. If you take a taxi from your hotel to Beijing airport, take enough time to travel to the airport. A ride can take 45 minutes to 1.5 hour.

Taxi Beijing to Great Wall
A round trip from Beijing city centre to the Great Wall in Badaling is more than 65 kms and will cost about 500 yuan. The meter will not be used in such a long drive. You must negotiate with the taxi driver for the price.

Official taxi

At airports in China you must be carefull with people who approach you in the arrival hall and tell you that they are taxi drivers. Don’t go with them because you will be overcharged and pay several times the regular fare. On the airports the official taxis are outside. At Shanghai railway station and Shenzhen railway station the taxi’s are in the basement. Signs in English will show you the way to the official taxi stand. In Beijing, just line up in the queue. When it’s your turn an official will examine your luggage and show you a suitable taxi.

Allways pay attention that the meter is running when you leave. When you have arrived at your destination, the taxi driver will put the sign “taxi for hire” back up and a receipt is then automatically printed.