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    Wuhan is a large city in Central China situated along the edges of the Yangtze river and Han River. In 1949, three cities - Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang - were merged into the city Wuhan. Hankou is on the north bank of the Yangtze River, Wuchang on the south bank and Hanyang is across the Han River. The urban population of Wuhan is about 6 million people.

    Tianhe International Airport 26km from the city center. International flights to Bangkok, Fukuoka, Osaka, Seoul and Singapore and to many cities in China . Fare of the airport shuttle bus to Hankou is 15 yuan, 20 Yuan to Hanyang, and 30 Yuan to Wuchang. A taxi to Wuhan (District Wuchang, Hankou or Hanyang) is between 80 - 120 Yuan.

    The Yangtze river divides Wuhan in three districts; Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. There are two main railway stations in Wuhan.
    Wuchang Railway Station
    Wuhan Wuchang - Beijing: trains daily: journey takes 10 - 18 hours
    Wuhan Wuchang - Shanghai: trains daily: journey takes 6 - 18 hours
    Wuhan Wuchang - Xian: 8 trains daily: journey takes 10 - 15 hours
    Hankou Railway Station
    Wuhan Hankou - Chongqing: night train: journey takes 15 hours
    Wuhan Hankou - Chengdu: night trains: journey takes 20-25 hours
    Wuhan Hankou - Changsha: night train: journey takes 4 hours

    The long-distance bus station is near the Hankou Railway Station.

    There is a light rail in Hankou. In 2010 two new metro lines in Wuchang and Hanyang should be completed.

    Yangtze River cruise ships sail between Wuhan - Shanghai and Wuhan - Chongqing. Cruises can be booked online, in hotels or in local travel agencies. The Wuhan Yangtze Passenger Terminal is located on the Yanjiang Dadao at the end of Walking Street.

    Luxury hotels near the International Convention and Exposition Center (in Hankou):
    - Ramada Plaza Tian Lu Hotel
    - Jin Jiang International Hotel
    - Shangri-La Hotel (Hankou)
    - Novotel Wuhan Xinhua
    - New World Hotel Wuhan
    - Best Western C-bank Hotel

    The shopping center of Wuhan is in the Hankou District
    - Jianfang Lu pedestrianised street (Hankou): shops and malls
    - Han Zheng Street: special tourist shopping street
    - Hanjiang Walking Street
    - Xianggang Lu Cultural Street: large antique market
    - Malls and department stores including Carrefour, Waltmart and Metro

    Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (WEDZ)
    The WEDZ is located on the north bank of the Yangtze River. It has become the largest state-level economic development zone in central and western China. Forty km2 has been fully developed: the planned area is allmost 200km2.
    To name a few foreign companies who have invested in WEDZ: Coca Cola, Dow Chemical, Kimberly Clark, Nissan, Honda and Citroen. Official website is www.wedz.gov.cn

    wuhan hotel
    Five star Novotel Xin Hua
    Located in center of Hankou, the business district of Wuhan

    - Yellow Crane Tower: famous tower of more than 1700 years old
    - Guiyuan Temple: large and important Buddhism temple
    - East Lake: scenic spot with temples and pagodes
    - Yangtze River Bridge: first bridge build over the Yangtze river(1957)
    - Chairman Mao Zedong's Villa

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