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    Wuxi is a large city situated in the Yangtze Delta in Jiangsu province China. The city is near Suzhou and Shanghai. Urban population is about 2.2 million people.

    Wuxi Shuofang Airport opened in 2004. Distance to downtown Wuxi is 14km and 23km to Suzhou. Hongqiao Airport and Pudong Airport in Shanghai are located 100km and 180km east of Wuxi New District. The airport has direct flights to Beijing, Foshan and Kunming. A taxi to the airport is about 30 Yuan.

    There are 3 long distance bus stations in Wuxi.
    - The main bus station (near train station): buses to Shanghai and Wenzhou
    - Wuxi Bus Station is (114, Tonghui Dong Lu): Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Wuhan
    - The West Bus Station (Liangong Lu): express buses going to Zhejiang and Anhui

    Wuxi Railway Station is a modern building in the center of the city.
    - Wuxi - Suzhou: 62 trains daily: journey takes 20min - 1h.31min
    - Wuxi - Shanghai: 78 trains daily: journey takes 59min - 4h.04min
    - Wuxi - Nanjing: 72 trains daily: journey takes 1h.18min - 5h.00

    Wuxi attractions
    - Bronze Ling Shan Buddha (88 metres)
    - Xihui Park: lake, seven-story pagoda, chairlift
    - Taihu Lake: third largest freshwater lake in China
    - LiYuan Garden: classic chinese garden
    - CCTV Wuxi Movie/TV Base: website www.ctvwx.com (Chinese/English)

    - department stores in Zhongshan Road
    - Baoli Shopping Center: Carrefour, Starbucks (1000 Jiefang Dong Rd)
    - Hui Hhan Clay Figurine Factory store (Xihui Lu 26)

    Wuxi New District (WND)
    Wuxi New District has become a major industrial park featuring manufacturing industry, machinery and electronics. In 2008, about 1200 companies were established in WND. The Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway goes through the area. In 2010,the Shanghai-Beijing Express Railway will be ready. Wuxi Airport is also located in WND while Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport are both nearby. Official website is www.wnd.gov.cn (Chinese/English).

    Wuxi (picture from synan)

    - Sheraton Wuxi Hotel Towers is located downtown
    - Kempinski Hotel Wuxi is near to downtown Wuxi and New District
    - Millennium Wuxi located at the busy section of New District Wuxi
    - Wuxi 1881 Peninsula Hotel is located near famous LiYuan Garden
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