Yabuli ski

yabuli ski

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli is one of the most popular ski resorts in China. It’s located in in Heilongjiang Province in the Northeast of China. There are 7 ski trails of different levels with a total length of 31km. Opening hours are from 8.00-16.30 (7 days/week), December till April.

Nearest airports are in the cities Mudanjiang (120km) and Harbin (220km).

– Harbin – Yabuli: journey takes 2h58min – 4h18min (216km)
– Mudanjiang – Yabuli: 2h16min – 3h.20min (143km)

Best and fastest train from Harbin to Yabuli is train K7011. Departure 7.46, arrival at 10.44. Next departure 08.52 (12.26 arrival), 14.08 (17.48 arrival), 17.08 (20.50 arrival), 18.21 (22.39 arrival). In the middle of the night are also a few trains running. Hotels and travel agencies can make reservations for the train.

Harbin Longyun Passenger Station has buses to Yabuli Town (3hours driving). In Yabuli Town mini-buses take passengers to Yabuli ski resort.

Hotels & food
Yabuli has five-star hotels and one three-star hotel (Yabuli Windmill Hotel). Rates are not cheap. Official rate for a standard room in the Grand Yabuli Hotel (in 2010) is 1680 Yuan in the weekday. A deluxe room in the Sun Mountain Lodge is allmost 2000 Yuan in the weekday. The 5-star hotels provide free shuttle services to Harbin- and Mudanjiang Airport. On the internet are probably better prices or cheaper hotels in the neighborhood. In Yabuli Ski resort are also a Chinese/Western cafeteria, Italian and Sichuan restaurants, bars, fitness and healthclub.