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    Yangzhou is located at the Yangtze River and Grand Canal in Jiangsu Province in East China. The city is one of the ancient China's Nine States. It's near Nanjing (100km) and Shanghai (250km). Total population of Yangzhou is about 4.5 million people. The urban population is 1.2 million people.

    Yangzhou Taizhou Airport was opened in May 2012. It has flights to Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Kunming, Harbin, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Xian. Lukou International Airport in Nanjing (100km) is nearby. Transportation to Lukou Airport is by shuttlebus (1h 40 minutes).

    - Yangzhou - Taizhou: 42min - 1h 12min
    - Yangzhou - Nanjing: 1h 17min - 2h 10min
    - Yangzhou - Nantong: 2h 42min - 3h 39min
    - Yangzhou - Shanghai: 5h 17min
    - Yangzhou - Beijing: night train (21.20-7.28)

    The main bus station is at Jiangyang Road West/South Hanjiang Avenue. Buses to cities in Jiangsu province and to other provinces.

    - Greentree Inn Plaza Hotel: in Wenchang Business Area
    - Lantian Hotel: at Slender West Lake Area
    - Garden International Hotel: near the railway station

    - Yangzhou Economic Development Zone
    - Yangzhou High-Tech Development Zone
    - Yangzhou China Export Processing Zone
    Official website is www.yangzhou-edz.com/gb/epzs/ (in Chinese)
    Yangzhou Port is situated at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Grand Canal. Several main container companies have a stop at the port.

    - Daming Buddhist Temple
    - Heyuan Garden
    - Geyuan Garden
    - Slender West Lake

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