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    Yantai is a coastal city on the Bohai Sea in Shandong province. It's located in the northeast of China near Qingdao and Dalian. Total population is about 6.5 million people.

    Yantai Laishan Airport has flights to Seoul, Pusan, Osaka and the major cities in China. Distance to Yantai city is 15 km. Fare of the airport bus is 10 Yuan. A taxi is about 40 Yuan. Website of the airport is www.ytairport.cn (in Chinese). A new airport - Yantai Chaoshui International Airport - will be completed in 2014 and replace Laishan Airport.

    - Yantai - Beijing: 15 hours (nighttrain)
    - Yantai - Shanghai: 20h.30min
    - Yantai - Jinan: 7 hours

    - There are many bus stations in Yantai. Yantai Bus Station at No. 86 West Avenue is the largest bus station witht the most departures.
    - The Yantai Long-distance Bus Station (No.36 Qingnian Road) has bus services to Yangma Island, Kunyu Mountain, Yantaishan Mountain and Zhaohu Mountain.

    Yantai port
    Yantai port is located in Zhifu Bay overlooking Liaodong Peninsula across the sea. Areas of the port are: Eastern Port Area, Western Port Area, New Port Area, 3rd Phase Terminal and Huanhai Terminal Company. Main activities are: break-bulk cargos such as iron ores, chemical fertilizers, grains, coal, steel, timbers, stones, bulk cement and liquid chemicals. Yantai port also has a container terminal. Official website is: www.yantaiport.com.cn (Chinese/English)

    ferry terminals
    - Yantai Port Passenger Transport Station (No.155 Beima Road)
    - Yantai Port Huanhai Lu Passenger Transport Station (No.2 Huanhai Road)

    ferry boat Yantai - Dalian
    Between Yantai and Dalian is a train ferry. Departure from Yantai North Station. - Yantai 22.00 - Dalian 4.30
    - Yantai 05.20 - Dalian 11.50
    - Yantai 14.10 - Dalian 20.40
    Cheapest ticket is 180 Yuan (cabin 8 people), first class is 680 Yuan p.p (cabin two people), most expensive is principal class (1 person cabin) for 980 Yuan. Name of the company is Sinorail Bohai Train Ferry Co. Website is www.sbtf.com.cn (in Chinese).

    ferry boat Yantai - Busan (Korea)
    Musung Shipping Corporation. Website unknown (Their website musung.co.kr is expired). Telephone in China: 82-51-441-8888

    ferry boat Yantai - Tianjin
    Daily Boat service between Yantai and Tianjin seems to be available in the summer only.

    Yantai Economic Development Area (YEDA) is located on the seaside of Shandong Peninsula. Many enterprises from more than 30 countries have made investments in YEDA. A few enterprises are: General Motors, Henkel, Hyundai, LG and Daewoo. Main industries in YEDA: industrial machinery, electronics, textiles, automobiles and parts and bio-pharmaceutics. Website is www.yantaiinvest.gov.cn (Chinese/English)

    Yantai China

    - Crowne Plaza Yantai Sea
    - Ramada Plaza Hotel: on Aucma Road in Laishan District
    - Yantai Jinjing International Hotel: 5-star tourist hotel in Development Zone
    - Yantai Hongkou Hotel: near Mountain Park and public beach number one
    - Golden Gulf Hotel: 0.5km away from the railway station and port
    - Gold Sun Business Hotel: located in Yantai's Development Zone
    - Asia Hotel Yantai: 1km from Yantai Airport, close to APEC Trade Fair Exhibition Centre

    Yantai attractions
    - Binhai Road: wide walkway along the sea with water fountains, night lights and casino
    - Yantai Hill: along the sea, colonial western buidings
    - Yantai Museum: carvings and sculptures
    - Kunyu Mountain: 50km from Yantai
    - Yantai beaches: popular with Chinese tourists

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