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    The Chinese domestic airlines use E-tickets. Only your passport and booking number is needed to check in at the airport. Flights can be easily booked through the internet with instant confirmation. Self-Service Check-In is available for domestic flights at the larger airports. Staff will help you in English.

    The trains in China between the large cities are good, fast and reasonable in price. There are several classes: soft seat first class / second class, softsleeper, hardsleeper and hard seat. Some highspeed trains also have special seats as VIP and Business Class. Certainly for the short- and middle distances the train is the best way of transportation. The G1 Train from Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao has a travel time of 4 hours and 48 minutes; distance is 1318km. Many hotels can order train tickets for you for a small surcharge. In the summer holiday you must book in time otherwise there are no train tickets left.

    Hotels in China can be booked directly through the internet. Most hotels have broadband internet access and wireless internet. Hotels in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai are the most expensive. Many accommodations can make reservations for train, airline, city tours or shows.

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    the red flag is waving on a river cruise boat from Guilin to Yangshuo
    Guilin river cruise

    Beijing Olympics 2008
    The Olympic swimmingpool in Beijing called the 'Watercube'

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