Airport Express

station airport express in beijing inside the airport express

Airport Express Beijing

The Airport Express of the Beijing subway connects terminal 2 and 3 of Beijing Airport with metro stations Dongzhimen and Sanyuanqiao in Beijing centre. The first train depart from 6.00 at station Dongzhimen and 6.04 from station Sanyuanqiao. The last trains to the airport are around 22.30 in the evening.

At Dongzhimen, two metro entrances on the street are next to each other. One entrance is for the Airport Express and the other metro entrance is for line 2. To enter the Airport Express station in Dongzhimen was not that easy. We had to take our heavy suitcases of 20kg through a long stairway (not electric) to the station below. There was another entrance with a big sign ‘Airport Express’ but it was closed. I guess that the situation has improved and that there are no longer difficulties.

The fare for the Airport Express is 25 Yuan per person. The travel time from Dongzhimen station to airport terminal 3 was less than 25 minutes. Terminal 3 is currently the second largest airport passenger terminal building of the world. From terminal 3 the train goes to terminal 2 and this is about 5 minutes. At terminal 2 we had to get out because the airport train is not going to terminal 1, the smallest terminal. The walk to terminal 1 was about 15 minutes.

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