Floraland Chengdu China Floraland park Chengdu


Floraland is a Disney style theme park. It is not as big as the real Disney and has certainly not the same large attractions. Still it’s a nice park with much flora, fountains, canals and several lands (Holland, Germany and others). There are plenty of restaurants and terraces in the park and the prices are reasonable. It seems the most popular entertainment park in Chengdu.

The entry of Floraland is free. All attractions inside can be paid separately (5/10/15 Yuan). A day ticket was 60 Yuan. We bought such an one-day ticket. The waiting lines were pretty long and the temperature was also above 32 Celcius degrees so not one of us decided to queue. For us it had been cheaper to buy single rides.

Floraland is located in Wenjiang, a city west of Chengdu. Wenjiang has a population of 326.000 people. The taxi from Chengdu to Wenjiang was 80 Yuan. Distance was more far away than i had expected: 1 hour. On our way back we took the bus. Buses are just outside the entrance. Fare was 4.5 Yuan per person to one of the bus stations in Chengdu. From the bus station we took a taxi to our hotel.

floraland entrance walking in Floraland Chengdu