Tibet Hotel

twin room Tibet Hotel Chengdu

Tibet Hotel Chengdu

Twelve years ago, our neighbours asked my daughter what she liked the most in China. Her answer was “the Tibet Hotel”. We stayed 10 nights in this hotel (in 2004) and had a very good time. In 2016 it’s still an excellent hotel; customer reviews for Tibet Hotel are on average 8.7. The service is very good. Door men allways help at the door with suitcases or to find a taxi.

Clean rooms
We stayed in october 2015 again in the Tibet Hotel Chengdu. This time we booked the ‘drop off service double room’. Rate was 59 euro including breakfast. With the drop off service, staff comes in the late afternoon to make your room ready for the night. Our room in 2015 was old but clean. Besides our bed was a lazy boy chair. Near the window was a glass desk and tea coffee making facilities. The matrass was comfortable. The television was standing in a closet and could be rotated 180 degrees. In this way it’s also possible to watch television in the bathroom. There is a bath and a separate shower in the bathroom.

New breakfast room
breakfast room Tibet Hotel
The new breakfast room is on the first floor. The food is Chinese but there is also western food like bread, cakes and coffee. Cooks make fresh noodles, dumpling and eggs. My wife and i liked the new breakfast room very much. Combined with the discount rate of the hotel room (59 euro/dollar) it was for us a reason to stay a few days longer in the Tibet Hotel.

Near subway and Wenshu Monastery
A disadvantage of Tibet hotel is the location out of Chengdu’s city center. Location of the hotel is about 3-4km from downtown Chengdu. To Wenshu monastery is 15 minutes walking. Closeby is a subway station. It’s a 5-minute walk to the entrance. To go to the shopping streets (Chunxi Road area) you need to change trains at Tianfu Square. There is much construction work around the hotel and i think that this wil go on for a long time in 2016. The construction work was during our stay also in the late evening (and even at night).