Wangfujing Mall and Zongfu Road

Wangfujing Mall, Chengdu

Wangfujing Mall

The Wangfujing Mall is a shopping mall/cinema center at Zongfu Street & Shudu Avenue. The mall is opposite Chunxi Road, North Section. It’s a good place to catch a taxi or to take one of the buses. Within 50m from Wangfujing Mall are several Western fastfood restaurants: McDonalds, Burgerking, Pizzahut, KFC and Starbucks.

zongfu road Chengdu

Video of Zongfu Road and the shopping mall (the outside). The video is made in the Golden Week. That’s a 7-day National Holiday in the first week of october. Three days are paid holiday. If you are staying in China in the Golden Week you must make your reeservations in time. Especially train tickets are sold out.

watching the traffic of zongfu rd