Youke Hotel

Youke Hotel Chengdu

Youke hotel

The Youke Hotel is located in downtown Chengdu. The property opened in 2011 and has 165 Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Business Suites. Shopping street Chunxi Road is at 50m. Some staff members at the reception speak a little English.

Entrance of the hotel is on a side street (Xinxiehouxiangzi Alley) of Chunxi Road. You can easily miss it. If you look from Chunxi Road into Xinxiehouxiangzi Alley (shops, Burgerking, Starbucks) you don’t see a sign of the hotel. However if you look up you see a tower of 23 floors. In there is the Youke Hotel. The entrance of the hotel is around the corner.

Most convenient is to take a taxi to the hotel. Nearest subway station is called ‘Chunxi Road’. The station is in a building in Hongxing Road, 3rd Section. It’s a 10-minute walk to the hotel. The subway station at Tianfu Square is the main stop of the subway in Chengdu. Distance to Tianfu is about 1km but you have to cross busy traffic roads (pedestrian tunnel & bridge). Best place to catch a taxi or bus is at the beginning of Chunxi Road opposite Wangfujing Mall in Zongfu Road (300 meter from hotel). We catched here our taxi to the airport.

Hotel room
The guest rooms have a wide winfdowsill. This is very usefull to put all your luggage on. The Deluxe Room is bigger than the Standard Room with a sofa. The internet was a weak point during our stay. The Wifi is an open connection without password. The cable internet didn’t work most of the times. In front of the bed is a lcd-television. Allmost all channels are Chinese. I believe there was one channel with some English movies. In the room is also a small refrigerator (not connected), a lazy chair, a closet with pendants and a desk with chair. The airco could be set manually. The bathroom has saloon doors instead of a ordinary door. In the afternoon/evening we allways received secretly under the door two small cards with adult advertisements.

bathroom youke hotel
Saloon doors in the the bathroom?

Nasty smell & intruder
We stayed twice in the Youke Hotel. In october 2013 we were quite satisfied with this budget hotel but we changed our minds in augustus 2014. The last time there was a nasty smell in our room and in the corridor (we were on floor 21 just under the restaurant). The carpet was not clean and not vacuumed for a long time. The elevators were dirty and the reception looked shabby. Also there was someone trying to get into our room in the middle of the night. My wife noticed someone near the door. The intruder then disappeared quickly.

The breakfast is Chinese food, very basic and not tasteful (augustus 2014). One person without uniform was cleaning the breakfast room. There was no noodles, dry rice, coffee or tea. Breakfast times are between 07.00-09.30 hours. The room is on the 23 floor. There is no view outside however.